How to taste it

Now that you have prepared yourself and have prepared the DUDUUM, you are ready for the sensory experience.
Certain ancient traditions say that plants have a higher level of consciousness: by "absorbing their fruit", we too have access to these expanded states of awareness.
We like to drink it like this, developing a relationship with cocoa through a ritual.
We activate all our senses:
we touch the mass before preparing it, we smell the scent of the hot drink while we observe it, we listen to ourselves while we swallow. While in:

  • LET'S CONNECT : in silence, we take the cup in both hands and bring our attention to our intention to be completely present in the moment. Let's observe.
  • LET'S SLOW DOWN : slowly closing our eyes, we smell the scent of DUDUUM. We let images, thoughts or anything else arise, welcoming them without judging them.
  • WE FEEL : with an open mind and heart, we slowly taste the drink listening to its sound, sip after sip, with a sense of gratitude.

Let's pay attention to the whole body: what do we feel?