We love the essence , purity , simplicity and innate beauty of nature.
For these reasons, preparing DUDUUM is a very demanding gesture, which requires intentionality and presence to keep the spirit of cocoa alive, and equally simple: you need the mass, boiling water and - if you have it - a small blender ( a frother, hand whisk or French press also work).
The first few times you will need measuring cups: one for the mass and one for the water. Once you have weighed them, get used to setting references.
To PREPARE a small DUDUUM you need 5 grams of mass - which is just over a spoonful - and 50 ml of boiling water - which is about half a cup. Or, for an exciting morning cup, dissolve 10 grams of cocoa mass in 1 dl of boiling water. Health!

Be creative: explore. The quantities are only indications; each of us is "unique and precious" and we often have different tastes.