Rituals are very powerful " presencing " practices: they help us close a chapter and open a new one in the service of a better life. Both as INDIVIDUALS and as ORGANIZATIONS.
To do this, we must cultivate three skills: curiosity, compassion and courage. We must free ourselves from the idea we have constructed of ourselves, letting go of old mental models that are no longer useful for our well-being, reconnecting deeply with each other.

Individual DUDUUM ritual : An idea, of the countless possible...
0- Look for a quiet space. Sit comfortably and tidily. Close your eyes and breathe as follows:
- inhale in 4 times
- hold your breath for 2 times (full apnea)
- exhale in 6 times
- hold your breath for 2 times (empty apnea)
This is an effective way to start slowing down the proliferation of thoughts. Repeat this cycle 7 times.
1- Think of something you want to let go of about your way of being, of thinking, because it doesn't work well, it doesn't make you live peacefully.
2- Express gratitude for this part that has been with you until today. Now bring your attention to what you would like to cultivate instead, let come into your new "I": what is it?
3- Clearly express a commitment towards yourself and all the people who are part of your life: "From today I commit myself with an open heart and will to cultivate an attitude of..."
4-Bring all your attention, intention and gratitude to the present moment, thinking about the power of this new ritual based on cocoa (earth and sky), water and fire.

Repeat this exercise with the same commitment for at least 7 days, before possibly changing the type of commitment towards "the best future for yourself".