DUDUUM for us is the symbol of the new era, which is based on empathetic, authentic, heartfelt relationships. We recognize ourselves as interdependent: UBUNTU (I am because you are).
If you resonate with our common purpose and our values, you can become a "SEED" and spread DUDUUM in your network of acquaintances: friendships, associations, groups and circles to which you belong.
Being a seed in the DUDUUM archipelago offers the following advantages :

  • access to a monthly co-evolution meeting with the other participants: acquisition of specific skills (cocoa/chocolate field) and personal and collective development (Theory U, Inner Development Goals, Economics of the Common Good)
  • participation in a community that shares values
  • sharing of skills in different fields (participants can share their own)
  • benefits to be co-defined

If you are interested, fill out the form below and we will contact you soon!