Business model

In Switzerland there are currently no legal forms for "businesses with a social mission".

Our aim is also to propose a "for profit" business model, in which profit - pro facere - is used to do things to generate common good, not to retain value for the "owners".
To create profit you normally exploit resources or come up with new ideas. Even in this last case, we are convinced that the innovative, ingenious idea is always built starting from knowledge and wisdom that have much deeper and more distant roots than those of the "source" (source, as Peter Koenig defines it). The source certainly has the merit of having translated a new idea into a material reality. with courage and taking risks: if he was able and knew how to do it, it is also thanks to the people and the favorable context that made this happen.
This merit, according to our point of view, should be sacrificed (made sacred) through sharing and allowed to flow, as the energy necessary to carry out initiatives for a better future for all.

For this reason, after a long introspective journey full of pitfalls, we tried to honor DUDUUM by bringing it to life in this light:



“The production and trade of food and non-food products, and services which, directly or indirectly, contribute to increasing the well-being and awareness of people in various areas of life. The organization of cultural, corporate, training events and online and offline courses, coaching and counseling; valorisation of the territory; design and implementation of projects involving the use of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, tokens, creation and management of online and offline groups and communities. The company may found, acquire or participate in other companies with similar purposes, suitable or connected to the corporate purpose, respectively opening branches and subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad. The company can carry out any financial, commercial, industrial, securities or real estate transaction both on its own behalf and on behalf of third parties in direct or indirect relation to its corporate purpose. The company can also be active free of charge. The company's profits must be reinvested in the company itself, in companies along the supply chain and/or in initiatives aimed at promoting the values ​​of justice, interdependence and raising awareness".