Per-donating is a form of self-giving: when we give ourselves we are meeting the other in a more authentic and profound way.
Thanks to the symbolic and spiritual qualities of cocoa, DUDUUM can represent a powerful tool for self-giving and an invitation to re-connect with the people we care about. People who, in the speed of our time, we have "lost sight of", relationships that we have not been capable of nurturing as we would have liked, or relational tears and conflicts that still work within us and that we are unable to address directly . Or again, simply, to say to someone we care about a lot " I care about you ", in an original way.

How does the DUDUUM gift work?
We invite someone special to a new meeting, a new rapprochement. How, when and where is up to you! What we can do with you and for you is to co-create an invitation that is truly unique, tailor-made for that person, which speaks of you and your desire to tell the person "I care about you" or "let's take heart ” (let's meet our hearts).

Maria longs to reconnect with her friend Tania. They haven't seen each other for a year, due to a small argument. But Maria misses Tania's friendship and wants to take a step towards her. Tania will receive a DUDUUM package as a gift, with an unrepeatable note attached that we will write in our own hand , inspired by the information we will collect through the form that Maria will fill out. Nobody knows the contents of the note: not even Maria. What better opportunity for Maria to call Tania to discover the content of the message and... open her heart for a new meeting.