Cocoa IS GOOD FOR THE HEART, and not only that!

It was called "food of the Gods" due to its "spiritual" properties. It is enough for us to tell you that we use it as a drink to nourish empathetic, heartfelt relationships, based on authenticity and awareness of our interdependence.

We could define emotional health as the ability to manage one's emotions, in particular to care about oneself, accept oneself, feel compassion towards oneself, others and nature.

How do we think DUDUUM can contribute to our emotional health?

Through a new ritual, based on presence, slowness and the sense of "community" , we create a "protected space" in which we take each other to heart .
Let's remove what is "excess" (fixed thoughts, automatisms, ...) and explore the flavor of DUDUUM with an open mind. We free ourselves from stress, frustrations and reconcile with our true SELF, with others and with Mother Nature.