“Feeling good” - which for us means taking one to heart - embraces, in addition to physical and emotional health , mental health (learning, reflecting, thinking "well"), social health (engaging and involving oneself in healthy relationships) and spiritual health (having a Purpose in life).
Just as the inside of the cabossa is made up of five rows of seeds (fava beans), we invite you to imagine each of these five dimensions of health as the building blocks of our “feeling good”.
The exercise we encourage you to do (one of the practices of the IDGs Inner Development Goals ) is the following.
Imagine each of these dimensions as if it were a cup: the cup is fuller the more the dimension is "realized".

  • 1- Draw the 5 cups, naming them. Now ask yourself, for each of them: “How full is the cup right now?”. Draw the level of fullness of the cup.

    2- Which of the cups is particularly empty at the moment?

    3- Think of a simple and concrete action that you could take now to fill that cup.

    If you want, make a commitment to your “better future self” to commit to that action.

    Taking the time for a new ritual means slowing down, taking the time and the heart to reflect on our well-being and realize it.