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Colombia cocoa mass by Bruno Buletti

Colombia cocoa mass by Bruno Buletti

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Handcrafted by Bruno Buletti, Airolo (Switzerland).
100g is approximately equivalent to 20 servings.

The packaging is resealable, made of recyclable mono-material metallised film : it is therefore a specific recyclable plastic packaging to preserve its contents ).

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The beans used come from Hacienda Betulia , a Swiss-Colombian family business located in a traditional cocoa-growing region in the northwestern province of Antioquia, near the city of Maceo. Betulia has managed to realize the vision of cultivating an organic Colombian Criollo Cacao, with rare and complex flavours, without the bitterness typical of other cocoa varieties. A pure, single-variety cocoa with great aroma and an exquisite taste.
Hacienda Betulia is BAP (Best Agricultural Practices) certified in Antioquia.

The beans have a sweet/fresh fruity flavour, with strong chocolatey notes.

Remember that tasting cocoa is a subjective experience, so take the
time to explore and discover your personal preferences.

Bruno Buletti

Bruno Buletti is the only chocolatier in the Canton of Ticino to process the bean " from bean to bar ".

His atelier is located in a place that allows him to find inspiration - as he himself states - "from the majesty and purity of the Gotthard, to create artisanal desserts of superior quality".

Accompanying consumers on a revolutionary journey of chocolate flavor is a difficult undertaking: we only choose artisans who care about cocoa, their work - which is a mission - and who embrace our values.

Collaborating with Bruno and his team is an enriching and compelling experience, always as different as cocoa. Bruno's angular face seems to melt into the bitter sweetness and uniqueness of the mass which, with creativity, passion, talent and twenty years of experience, he manages to transform into the first two types of DUDUUM (Bolivia and Colombia) that we propose.

We chose the beans together, so that they responded to the request for traceability, organic origin and "best" price for farmers. We use "better" with great modesty, many open questions and with the commitment to always do better. Let's not talk about fair trade, about the right price : we are still too far from that better future that we want to co-create and of which we would like DUDUUM to be a flourishing seed.