• The cocoa mass (also called liqueur or cocoa paste) is obtained from a long complex manufacturing process of the beans, which after being harvested have been: F ERMENTED, DRIED, SELECTED, ROASTED, GROUND, PRE-REFINED, REFINED AND CONCATE.

    Nothing was added or removed (except the peel at the time of grinding). It is therefore UNIQUE! Appropriate for everyone, even for those looking for SUGAR-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, vegetarian and vegan foods. It has a very low caffeine content (physical health).

    In the image above you can see the cocoa mass in granules: it is DUDUUM, which will then be dissolved in hot water.

  • The masses we use for DUDUUM do not stop at the refining process, but often also follow processing in the basin, to allow the cocoa to lose volatile gases and the aromas to develop more.
    The "couverture", i.e. the cocoa mass that chocolatiers, ice cream makers and pastry chefs buy as a semi-finished product to then make their products, is a different cocoa mass from DUDUUM: it is not conched, it is often not refined and, for reasons price, it is mostly made with a mixture of beans of different quality. If we add sugar and possibly more cocoa butter to the DUDUUM cocoa mass we will obtain a high quality chocolate.
    Cocoa mass should not be confused with cocoa powder: this is a residue obtained by pressing the cocoa mass with a special machine and removing the butter.
    In the newsletters we will explore all these concepts together.